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A mother sat at the window,

      Three children walked in the lane;

Their voices were merry and lightsome,

      Her heart was heavy with pain.

The children all knew of the vigil

      She kept there five days of the week,

For when they looked backwards they saw her;

      That hand waving gently did speak,

Of love that she bore for those children,

      Of prayers that would follow them yet;

Though often their steps would be wayward,

      And cause their own mother to fret,

Then suddenly, head lifting upward,

      New strength through this mother did flow;

For she gave her children to Jesus,

      And He gently spoke ‘Peace’, I know.


Her son she had given to Jesus,

      To chasten, to comfort, to guide;

And He had accepted her offering,

      No longer must she rail and ride.

Two daughters she then saw envisioned

      And each one was different, she knew,

Since each had her own likes and dislikes,

      And personal problems, a few.

She knew that they too must be offered,

      To Him Who alone knows what’s best;

For He who is Knowledge and Wisdom

      Prepares hearts to pass life’s great test.

Three children that day she surrendered

      To Him, Who is Faithful and True;

That mother was me, my dear children,

      The children you know were you.


I gave you to Jesus, my children,

      Each one in your heart this must know,

Surrender, though not often easy,

      Will certainly cause you to grow.

Your sins when confessed to the Saviour

      Removed, are cast into the sea;

If daily you walk in His favour,

      Conformed to His image you’ll be.

Surrender completely, my children

      Withold from Him nothing at all,

For real life in Him is forthcoming,

      When you at His feet humbly fall.

The fruit of the Spirit perfected,

      Against which there can be no fault,

Are yours for the asking, My children,

      That you might your Saviour exalt.


Pastor Emeritus Rev. Mrs. Margaret I. Coates                


Broken Heart Strings Mended”

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