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NEW (May 13, 2013): Learn More about Israel's 10 Lost Tribes and their Diaspora in Europe Here: "A Means To An End" (New)

Ireland Diaspora Mission Photos from Oct 15-23 2010! (added Nov. 15 2010)-Scroll down.


16 photos of Pastors Rev. Steve and Rev. Mrs. Tracy Coates in Ireland, Oct. 13-22, 2011 CLICK HERE- This Photo-collection was updated on this website Nov 7/11

Watch our Diaspora Missions Interview Video below (shot and edited by Keith Campbell.)

Click here to see this video on Youtube

Diaspora Missions:

Church On The GO

New photo above- Pastors Steve and Tracy on Irish Mission Oc 16-23 2010 The Castle @ Carrickfergus - photo taken by Pastor David Calvert (photo added Nov 15 2010)

Above- Rev. Jackie McArthur (left) from Northern Ireland with Pastor Rev. Stephen Coates and wife Pastor Rev. Mrs. Tracy Coates – photo added June 5th 2010

Above-Left to right- Cecil Coates, Rev. Jackie McArthur, Pastor Emeritus Rev. Marg Coates, Pastor Rev. Stephen Coates – Photo added June 5th 2010

Scroll to the bottom of the page for more new photos!


  1. THE LOCAL CHURCH: Is a spiritual family of those "Born from Above" (See 1Pet. 2:9-10; Acts 9:31; Mark 3:13-15; John 3:7) Gen. 18:19 KJV says: “ For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.”

  2. SHORT TERM MISSIONS: Now is God’s time for the indigenous peoples and their diaspora to bless, pray, encourage and support missionary outreach.(See Acts 1:8; KJV)

  3. RECOVERING GENERATIONAL BLESSING: “For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet [have ye] not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel. Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me. For this cause have I sent unto you Timotheus, who is my beloved son, and faithful in the Lord, who shall bring you into remembrance of my ways which be in Christ, as I teach every where in every church.” [1 Corinthians 4:15-17; KJV]

Defining Diaspora Missiology:

The Seoul Declaration on Diaspora Missiology

November 14, 2009

Convening as missions leaders, mobilizers, educators, trainers, and kingdom workers in the diaspora at the Lausanne Diaspora Educators Consultation on November 11-14, 2009 in Seoul, Korea - in partnership with and an extension of the Lausanne Diaspora Strategy Consultation held in Manila, Philippines on May 4-8, 2009

We Acknowledge

  1. That the sovereign work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the gathering and scattering of peoples across the earth is a central part of God's mission and redemptive purposes for the world.

  2. That the church, which is the body of Christ, is the principal means through which God is at work in different ways around the globe. We honor the uniqueness, dignity, and beauty in each person and culture, celebrating the
    collaboration of the church with the broader society.

  3. That "diaspora missiology" has emerged as a biblical and strategic field of missiology and is defined as: a missiological framework for understanding and participating in God’s redemptive mission among people living outside their place of origin.

We Affirm

  1. That our missional focus and ministry integrates and cooperates with the mission and vision of the Lausanne movement for world evangelization as published in The Lausanne Covenant and The Manila Manifesto.

  2. That although we draw from various disciplines, our understanding and practice of the mission of God must be informed by, integrated with, and conformed to biblical and theological foundations.

We Appeal

  1. To the whole people of God in local churches and church movements, mission agencies, the academy, and the marketplace to mobilize, train, deploy, support, work together with, and empower "diaspora kingdom workers" for the diaspora fields ripe for harvest.

  2. To church and mission leaders to recognize and respond to opportunities in world evangelization presented by the realities of the global diaspora.

  3. To missions leaders and educators to give strategic priority in the funding and training of personnel and to provide space for the development of "diaspora missiology" in training systems and curricula.

  4. To the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the harvest and raise up worldwide intercession for an unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit so that the Whole Church takes the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.

LCWE Diaspora Educators Consultation 2009
Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology
Seoul, South Korea
November 11-14, 2009


Learn more about the Consultations on Diaspora Missions


Diaspora Missions

  • Our History

  • Our Call

  • Our Vision

  • Our Purpose

Diaspora Missions – Our History

My name is Stephen Coates – raised in a Christian Canadian family, Saved during a Faith Missions – children’s and youth school @ Brown Hill Sunday School hosted by my mother Rev. Mrs. Margaret I. Coates and her associate Ms. White, and assisted by my father Cecil Coates.

During my high school years, I heeded the “Call Of God” to reach the lost @ any cost! In June 1973 – I began my first Christian mission trip to Europe and the former Soviet Union. This began a mission focused life which has continued – and still in contact with many I met during those early years until the present time of this writing April 27th, 2009. This will soon to be 36 years in full time Christian Ministry Service – all glory and honor be to God.

Since that early beginning, I have served a number of local churches and mission agencies – which has taken me to almost three dozen countries.

The greatest decision in this walk of Faith, not including my initial and progressive Salvation experience – was to marry Tracy Lynn Collingwood – on June 25th, 1983 in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. Tracy and I are blessed by God to have two grown children – our adult son Jason and our teen-age daughter Janelle Coates.

During the year of 1995 – we responded to the “Call Of God” – to transplant Brown Hill Community Church – to what is now known as Church On The GO (www.churchonthego.ca) in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. This is where we continue to serve as the Lead and Executive Pastors until the present time.

Diaspora Missions – Our Call

During one of our regular Thursday night renewal meetings in 1999 @ www.churchonthego.ca, Brother Joe Turco had brought several Charismatic Catholic sisters with him to this service. Following the preaching – we had a time of personal prayer ministry, and one of these sisters – Cathy Piccone – had one word from the Lord for us: DIASPORA

Northern Ireland 2010- Photo By Tracy Coates- Photo taken on the Northern Ireland or Ulster coastline between Ballycastle - and the Giant's Causeway (Photo added Nov.15 2010)

At the time we did not really even know the full extent of the word’s meaning. In the Bible it is used as:

Lexicon Results

Strong's G1290 - diaspora


Outline of Biblical Usage

1) a scattering, dispersion

a) of Israelites dispersed among foreign nations

b) of the Christians scattered abroad among the Gentiles

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 3

For Example:

Available Translations and Versions for John 7:35

Joh 7:35 Then said the Jews among themselves, Whither will he go, that we shall not find him? will he go unto the dispersed among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentiles?

Prior to 1999, Pastor Tracy’s mother, Mrs. Dorothy Collingwood, had passed away on April 24th, 1994. It was at that time Pastor Tracy began to search out her family history. In the meantime, I was involved in mission travel outside north America to the Bosnian and Croatian war frontier during 1995. In 1997 Pastor Tracy and I returned to eastern Europe via Frankfurt and Salzburg in mission travel to the Czech Republic and the former East Germany. Pastor Tracy also visited Israel, but we did not find the spiritual significance to this word Diaspora.

In the year 2000, Pastor Tracy was telephoned and invited to participate at a women’s conference at Dublin City University called - Beyond The Edge - by Pastor June Richards – President of “Deborah Arise Europe” out of Manchester, England. So we began to do our research and prepared to attend. It was during this time that we found that our families both emigrated from Ireland during the 1800’s.

Above- Taken at one of Jackie's Culture Meetings- from Oct 16-23 2010 mission trip. Photo taken in Bangor - Pastors Steve and Tracy with Jackie and his colleague Lawerence (Photo added Nov.15 2010)

Irish diaspora

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'Emigrants Leave Ireland', engraving by Henry Doyle (1827-1892), from Mary Frances Cusack's Illustrated History of Ireland, 1868

The Irish diaspora (Irish: Diaspóra na nGael) consists of Irish emigrants and their descendants in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and states of the Caribbean and continental Europe. The diaspora, maximally interpreted, contains over 80 million people, which is over fourteen times the population of the island of Ireland itself (6.11 million in 2007) [1].

Ontario has over 2 million people of Irish descent, who in greater numbers arrived in the 1820s and the decades that followed to work on colonial infrastructure and to settle land tracts in Upper Canada, the result today is a countryside speckled with the place names of Ireland. Ontario received a large number of those who landed in Quebec during the Famine years, many thousands died in Ontario's ports. Irish-born became the majority in Toronto by 1851.

Pastor Tracy can directly trace her ancestry back to Carlow County, Ireland – through Mark and Ann Scanlon. In fact Pastor Tracy today still has distant relatives living in Belfast, N. Ireland. Here is a brief history of Mark Scanlon – who homesteaded one mile from our house – and today is buried one mile north of our home in Bradford, West-Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada. Pastor Tracy’s – grandmother Florence (Scanlon) Green – was the last child born in the Scanlon house which today stands on the Scanlon Creek Conservation area one mile north of our house. Note below …

At an early date also, two notable settlers took up lots in the ninth concession - John Thorpe and Mark Scanlon; the former, S. half lot 17, con. 9, the latter, S. half lot 16, con. 9. Both men were partly advanced in years when they came, but active. Thorpe, in course of time, became crippled with hard work and even palsied; but infirm and palsied though he was, he once shouldered his gun and shot a large bear that ventured to trespass on his crops.

They went into mill operations soon after their arrival, and, in accordance with the Government policy of the day to grant mill sites, they received grants of land for mills on the stream. They built a grist mill in 1824 or 1825 on shares. About the year 1832 they dissolved partnership, and Mr. Scanlon, alone, then built a sawmill, and afterwards another. The first sawmill was equipped with an old-fashioned "gate-saw," which was one of the earliest kinds of saws adapted to motive power, the driving power in this case being water power, as everywhere else at the time.

Above photo added Nov 15 2010 – Pastors Steve and Tracy in front of the Peace Wall dividing the Shankhill and Falls - in Belfast, Northern Ireland or (Ulster) - from Diaspora Missions Trip October 15 - 23rd, 2010

Others thought Thorpe & Scanlon were making money at this business, so opposition mills were established on the same stream. There were on it as many as six sawmills at one time, owned as follows: - Mr. Mackie (whose mill, Mr. Woods ran for a time), Mr. Scanlon (two mills), George Thorpe, Enos Rogers, Issac Rogers (whose mill passed into the hands of Zachariah Evans). The railway company once established a flag station by the name of Scanlon, where the track crosses this useful stream, but afterwards abandoned its use. Mr. Scanlon was a native of the County Carlow, Ireland, was made a justice of the peace in 1847, and died June 26th, 1871, aged 74 years.”

As we prepared to return to Ireland in September 2000, to the best of our knowledge no one from our family had returned to Ireland in seven generations – since Mark and Anne Scanlon left Carlow County in 1823 (even though I had been once before that on a mission trip in 1979). One Sunday night we visited the graves of Mark and Anne Scanlon – one mile north of our house and picked up rocks and other things – to prepare for prophetic action and a memorial return to Ireland. Their departure from Ireland had preceded the potato famine, and we wanted to return to Carlow as a Godly remnant who had returned.

It was from this passage of scripture the Holy Spirit spoke to me with revelation for sister Dominique Francois – from who I had received the following Prophetic word – prior to our intended trip to Dublin in September 2000.


Dominique Francois

Feb 15, 2000

Although I have been a born again Christian for 30 years and in this prophetic renewal for many, I have never ever received a vision and a word like the one God seized me with for Ireland this morning.

As I was listening to the song "O, consuming fire", I saw the map of Europe circled by a high and thick wall, like a fortified city. Coming from the sea, I saw the stem of a big ship - (ice-breaker-type thing) only much bigger, knocking this wall down and making a breakthrough in Europe through Ireland.

I said : "God, are you going to bring a revival or a renewal to Ireland?" He answered : "No. Revival or renewal are not adequate words for what I am about to do in this country. It is going to be an outburst, an explosion, an invasion of my Spirit in the land of Ireland. All they have known for decades is civil war, terrorism, bombs, bullets, explosions, slaughters which were the works of the enemy because satan knows what an exceptional destiny I have for the Irish people, but now I come, I come with might and power, I come with glory and splendour, I come with a divine explosion."

Then the Lord led me to listen to the first song of "REVIVAL IN BELFAST" (Hosanna Music) and the sobs of the Father's heart for Ireland seized me with violence. The lyrics say :


Ireland, REJOICE! The Lord of glory is coming to you in an unprecedented explosion of his manifest presence and all of Europe will be impacted and in awe of what the God has done for you.

"When the Lord brought back the captive ones of Zion, we were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful shouting. Then they said among the nations, the Lord has done great things for them, the Lord has done great things for us, we are glad." (PS. 126).

May this word stir up your hearts, renew your courage and hope and enlarge your vision. We cannot fathom what God is about to do.

In his wonderful love,
Ms Dominique Francois, Paris, France

REFERENCES FOR: Dominique Francois Sylvia Epifanic - My pastor who gave me the green light

Diaspora Missions – Our Vision

As I began to meditate and pray in to the vision sent to me from Ms. Dominique Francois, I found the Holy Spirit – speaking to me about the ship.

To our complete surprise Ms. Dominique Francois and her Pastor Sylvia Epifanic also attended the conference in September 2000 @ Dublin City University.

At the very end of the conference – Pastor Tracy introduced me to the two sisters from Paris. It was at that point that I asked sister Dominique if there was any markings on the ship coming out of the north Atlantic?

Our sister said; Oh no, it was just a big gray ice breaker type of a ship. So at that point I asked our sister, do you have any Irish blood in your background? Oh, no – 100% French blood. I then explained using Psalm 126 – and that most people who left Ireland, departed weeping. Verses 5 – 6 state:

Those who sow in tears
shall reap with shouts of joy!

He who goes out weeping,
bearing the seed for sowing,
shall come home with shouts of joy,
bringing his sheaves with him.

At that point I explained to sister Dominique that now was Ireland’s time in God. The Call was going out in the Spirit realm for the Godly remnant to return and help reap the harvest. The ship that she saw was the Gospel ship – bringing the Godly remnant back to assist in the harvest.

As soon as I had spoken this – our sister fell over backwards under the power of the Holy Ghost. Her Pastor knelt beside her in prayer – and when she arose, she told us – that is a word from God.

We have had many similar experiences. An Assemblies Of God pastor from Maine, had sent out an email asking for assistance. He said he could not understand why – every time he started praying he could hear Irish music playing. So I telephoned him, I told him that he did not know me but that I had read his email and had insight as to why he was hearing this Irish music. Before I gave the explanation, I asked him the same question I had asked sister Dominique at Dublin City University, do you have any Irish blood in you? This pastor answered yes, on my mother’s side. Then I told him that I had a word from God for him, the reason you hear Irish music is because you are hearing the CALL!

His voice began to quiver as he asked for more explanation, I told him that now is Ireland’s time in God, and the call is going out to the Godly remnant of the Irish Diaspora – to return home and assist in the harvest. At that point I heard this tremendous banging, as the telephone began banging against his desk. After some time he composed himself and told me that this type of experience had never happened to him before in his entire life. This pastor agreed that indeed God was sending out the CALL!

New photo above- added Nov 15 2010- an unplanned, God-appointed meeting with with - Ballycastle Sea Fisherman Christopher P. Mc Caughan - in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland off the Scottish Coast Wednesday October 20th, 2010

Our vision for Diaspora Missions – is not just to return in ministry ourselves to Ireland, but to stir up all diaspora groups for world missions. Now is your incredible opportunity, you have not passed this way before. Never in World history has this possibility been so great for the average person to participate in the harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God!

Diaspora Missions – Our Purpose

  1. Encourage others to facilitate and/or participate in this spiritual harvest for world missions!

  2. Equip and educate other Diaspora groups about the incredible mission opportunities available to them!

  3. Exhort and stir up missionaries who have family and language abilities from their homelands, not to waste what God has given them, but to stir these gifts up for God, and participate – jump into the harvest, even if it is only on a short-term mission basis. This can be made a yearly pilgrimage home to their roots, for the tremendous purpose of world evangelization.

  4. Engage, examine and excite team partnerships for the diaspora to participate in the harvest and in world missions.


You will note that our logo – is a Red Maple Leaf – on top of a Green Shamrock. These two leaves are emblems of the two countries, for which we are naturally connected. These two emblems are easily inter-changeable, depending on the diaspora and or country which you may represent.

May God stir your hearts from this endeavor to reach the lost in your homelands for Jesus Christ.

Available Translations and Versions for Romans 10:13

Finally, as I thank God for taking me to almost as many countries (thirty six) as years that I have spent in full time Christian ministry, we have now completed seven DIASPORA Mission trips to the island of Ireland, and will now begin to plan for another through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Pastors Rev. Stephen and Rev. Mrs. Tracy Coates

Church On The GO

Contact Email: pastorsteveonthego@hotmail.com

New Photo Above-Pastors Steve and Tracy - in the Belfast Cathedral - St. Ann's on Tuesday October 19th during our Diaspora Missions Trip Oct. 15-23, 2010 (Photo taken by Desmond) (Photo added Nov 15 2010)

Here are More Photos added June 5th 2010:

Above: Jason Coates (left), with Irish heritage, stands beside Rev. Jackie McArthur, from Northern Ireland holding Irish flags.

Above- Jackie teaches Biblically in word and in song, and often moves into prophetic songs of the Spirit.

Above- Jackie teaching some of the history of Ireland at CHURCH ON THE GO. He shows us some of the slides and material he teaches to his people back home.

Above- Jackie connects his netbook to our projector and shows the congregation a historical video that captures some of the turmoil and conflict in Ireland.

- - - -



Here are a few lessons that I have learned over the years - hopefully they can help you succeed in your call as well!

Both for the Republic and Ulster
RESEARCH AND RESOURCE - Once you have direction from God to visit Ireland - PREPARE - do some research!

  • You may be part of the Irish Diaspora - but do not expect that you understand what God is doing in Ireland today

  • You may have a message for Ireland - but more likely you will become the message after you have been there several times

  • Your people may have left over political or religious divisions - do some research, for us coming from Canada understanding that the very same political winds which divided Ireland, divided North America with Republicans South of the border in the USA and Loyalists North of the border in CANADA

  • Research your family tree and area of residence in Ireland, study the map and history of Ireland + historical dramas or movies

  • Raise your own financial support from your own people in the country where you live

  • PRAY, PRAY, PRAY - into what God is showing you


  • Plan to visit, expect nothing in return

  • Scout out the land, plan to be rejected - remember your people the IRISH RIASPORA abandonded Ireland in their hour of need

  • Build relationships with other ministries in Ireland - share your testimony

  • Expect NO large meetings and NO financial offerings

  • The Irish and Ulster peoples will think you are looking for offerings to pay for your own holiday - you plan that if God is really in sending you there, He will pay your way - after seven completed missions to Ireland - this is my personal experience


  • Invite Irish and Ulster ministries to visit your home, ministry and country

  • Provide lodging and transporation - build relationships - you need to learn a few things about the Irish and Ulster peoples

  • Arrange meetings for them, promote their ministries in your country

  • Raise offerings to help their ministries

  • Mail them a cheque


  • By the grace of God we had our call in 1999 - last month we returned from our seventh mission trip - October 2010

  • We have hosted a variety of Irish and Ulster ministries - both in our home and in our church

  • We have raised thousands of dollars for these ministries, and saved these ministries thousands of dollars by hosting them in our home, in our church and providing transportation for them

  • We have established a official relationship in Ulster, and developed a very basic webpage to tell our story www.churchonthego.ca/mission.html

  • We have established an official outreach of our church called DIASPORA MISSIONS

    Click here to see video on Youtube

  • We have established relationships with the leaders of the Lausanne movement and their Diaspora study track

  • We are relational - but primarily focused on missions to Ireland and Ulster

I trust that these few concepts might help you succeed in your Call of God for Ireland!
In Jesus!
Pastor Steve

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