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Church On The GO

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Pastor Curtis's Newest Songs:

NEW- “In The Midst Of Thee” March 8th 2015 - http://youtu.be/-bMWv-a1EDM

- “Broken And Healed” (May 18 2014) Listen to it in player below:

Can't see/hear the above video/song? For direct video link click: http://youtu.be/8kpSEce5y0o

- - - - -

Pastor Curtis' Newest Songs:

Jesus High Priest”: http://youtu.be/6OKqtx0d6TY

- “Broken And Healed” (May 18 2014) http://youtu.be/8kpSEce5y0o

- “Sing Jesus” (Link added Aug 4th/14) http://youtu.be/gmq955pHnY0

Seasons” (Oct 16th/14) http://youtu.be/P8G_ajsId4Y

Join with us every week for worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH (read John 4:23-24).

Assistant Pastor Mr. Curtis Alexander (pictured below) leads the contemporary Worship Ministry Team at Church On The GO.




(ABOVE) Some of the members of our Worship Ministry Team

We have four services every week, and three of them include LIVE WORSHIP in the Holy Spirit. In addition, we also have a special monthly Worship JAM & PRAYER on one Sunday evening of every month.

In step with our vision for generational blessings,

We play three types of music in every worship service:

  1. old hymns and choruses – led by Lead Pastor Rev. Steve Coates

  2. current/contemporary music (in packages of 2 or 3 songs) Led by Youth & Arts Pastor Mr. Curtis Alexander

  3. the Song of the Lord (spontaneous, unscripted, free song as inspired by the Spirit- Holy Ghost-led improvisation.)

We believe in allowing the Spirit of God to move in our music and we let the Song Of The Lord flow in every service. To learn the Biblical basis for free, spontaneous, unscripted praises and songs to Jesus, click here.

Our worship music includes a variety of instruments, like piano, guitar, organ, snare drum, flute, bongos, tambourines, shakers, etc. And we have various voices joining in to sing as well.

The Church encourages the congregation to sing, shout, sit, stand, raise the hands, even dance, as the Spirit moves them (all actions found in the Bible). The key is to be non-religious in our relationship to Jesus while showing Him both adoration and reverence.

We believe effective worship should usher in the Holy Presence and power of the Lord, by the Spirit. This will often result in utterances in Tongues, and Prophecy as God speaks to the church.

Our worship is for the Lord only, to Glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, and to lead all into His awesome presence.

Our Worship Ministry Team practices every Tuesday night after service, and we even have the youth involved in our music. If you are interested in Extraordinary Adoration and Spiritual Spontaneity, toward JESUS CHRIST THE LORD then come and worship in our congregation!

Church On The GO emphasizes the following toward Jesus:

1) Participation over polish,

2) Relationship over religion

3) Faithfulness over fanciness

We want the whole congregation to feel free and able to express themselves to God. We are not here to impress people... our music and worship is to please the Father, who desires those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth! (John 4:23-24)

Original Music:

"Overcomer's Theme" By Pastor Curtis Alexander

Believers are meant to be overcomers in the Lord! Song and Recording By Curtis Alexander (c) 2013

Watch in player below:

Can't view it? Try the direct youtube link here: http://youtu.be/AWqtLw6kMQs

- - - - -

We are open to new people joining the worship team! People interested in joining the worship team MUST:

1) Be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ by faith in Him and His atoning blood.

2) Be a faithful part of the Church On The GO every single week. Practice on Tuesdays is mandatory.

3) Be able to either sing on key or play an instrument on key. We are looking particularly for people who can play by ear, and have a basic understanding of chord progression.

4) Be flexible enough to flow in the song of the Lord, and be an example to the congregation. Musical form, while respected, still bows the knee to the Spirit of Jesus, here at Church On The GO. Spontaneity is involved- I like to call it Holy Ghost-led improvisation. This is so that God's Spirit will manifest Himself in our services! For this reason, we encourage all members to welcome the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. That's the only way to truly flow into the Spirit, beyond the words and lyrics of humans.

5) Update: One Month Orientation: We ask all NEWCOMERS to Church On The GO to simply attend our church first for one month, before we allow them to join the WMT (Worship Ministry Team). During this orientation period, you are welcome to attend every service, and also to sit in on our WMT practices every Tuesday at 9:15pm and participate in them if you feel called to help play/sing the music. You should attend every practice if you are wanting to join the Team. Provided you are doing well on your instrument and/or singing, and you feel well-rooted at our church, then after the one month period is up, you may join the regular WMT at the front during our worship services. Again, this period is used to help us get a feel for each other and what we are about.

Please speak to Pastor Curtis about joining the team!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

New Volunteer Opportunities for Worship Helpers:

Instumentalists and Singers, join us for the Bible Study and praise at 7pm every Tuesday: Followed by Worship Ministry Team weekly practice.

You are invited to worship the Lord Jesus with us! To see Church On The GO's church service times and our contact info, click here.

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